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Lai Tung Pai Kung Fu incorporates both long and short fist as well as internal and external techniques. Our Tai Chi forms are unique! More on this can be found here.

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You can contact Sifu Anthony via email here or call (937) 607-0104 with any questions. For web related problems please contact the webmaster here. Have a wonderful day.

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Ni Hao

Thank you for visiting our website. We are happy that you stopped by to take a look at Kong Hoi Kung Fu Association - Troy! We offer many different program options at this location like:

Please visit our Facebook page at Kong Hoi Kung Fu Troy for current news and offerings.

We are happy you have chosen to visit this website to learn more about our kwoon (school) and the Siu Lahm (Shaolin in Mandarin) style of Lai Tung Pai. This kwoon has so much to offer someone who is looking for traditional kung fu training. Self Descipline, Self Respect, Self Awareness, Self Defense and Good Health are all part of what you get from kung fu while training at our Kwoon. From Kids to Seniors, Kong Hoi Kung Fu Association - Troy can teach all who want to learn. Empty hand forms, weapon forms, Continuous Sparring, Muhk Yahn Jong (Wooden Man) training, Tai Chi, Lion Dancing, Dragon Dancing and International and National Kung Fu Tournament participation are all a part of the Lai Tung Pai Kung Fu program.

Kong Hoi Kung Fu Association - Troy is a proud to have Sifu Anthony Stephenson, an internationally ceritified instructor of Lai Tung Pai kung fu, as its chief instructor. With over 30 years of experience in the martial arts, you can be sure Sifu Anthony will help you accomplish your martial arts goals. You can read more about Sifu Anthony by clicking over to his information page.

Kong Hoi Kung Fu Association - Troy is a member of the Carolinas Association of Chinese Martial Arts - CACMA, and the home of one of it's founding fathers and its President, Sifu Anthony Stephenson. CACMA host the CACMA National Kung Fu and Tai Chi tournament in Charlotte, NC every year, known also as The Queen Charlotte's Cup.

The kwoon is located in Troy, Ohio, the heart of Miami County, and just a few minutes drive north from Dayton and many other small towns in the area. Troy is a quaint and historic town and Chinese martial arts fits right in with all the cutural events that go on here yearly.

Please take a few minutes to view each page on our site and give us a call or drop us an email go to to schedule your 2-Day Trial Class!

Some of Our Students

Kong Hoi Kung Fu - Troy

"It only takes an ounce to move a mountain"

Grandmaster Kong Chui Hoi