Sil Lum Mountain

Quick Facts

Lai Tung Pai incorporates both long and short fist as well as internal and external techniques. More on this can be found here.

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You can contact Sifu Anthony via email here or call (937) 607-0104 with any questions. For web related problems please contact the webmaster here. Have a wonderful day.

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Kwoon Info

Kong Hoi Kung Fu Association - Troy is not your typical kwoon location. Most kwoons are in some area located in big cities amongst the noise and pollution. Our kwoon's new location is located in a small historic town setting far from the noise and pollution of big city traffic and congested streets. The kwoon in Troy is a wonderful 1800 square foot, climate controlled workout area complete with state of the art padded dance flooring and a cushioning rubber flooring in the kung training area, his and hers changing areas, Hydrate, pre-workout, post-workout beverage availability, and plenty of parking. Please come visit and experience for yourself that family feeling that we are best known for! Our Troy kwoon is just a few minutes drive north from Dayton and all the surrounding towns. It is well worth the drive out of the big city.

Class Times

Please check our calendar for up to date info on class times for our many programs at either location.


Monthly tuition is $100. Private classes are available upon request and by appointment. These classes are extra, so if you are a student already, Private Lessons are $50 per lesson. If you are not a monthly student, Private Lessons are $100 per lesson.


Our Kwoon is located at 1510 W Main Street Troy, Ohio. If you need directions to the kwoon, please contact Sifu Anthony Stephenson at here or call 1-937-607-0104.